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See The Cross REFLECTIVE Auto Emblem - Large

: $4.99
Item Number: 00149

New reflective material really makes the cross "shine"! In this day and age it is easier than ever to lose our focus. To see what the world has to offer rather than what Jesus can offer. Upon first glance, you notice the fish, the earliest symbol of Christianity, but when you look closer you "See the Cross". The Cross is our reminder that Jesus Christ died for us and paid the penalty for our sins. The dynamic upward direction of the fish represents His resurrection and the new life He wants to live in us. When we surrender and make Him Lord, we can truly become "fishers of men" (Matthew 4:19). We hope that people everywhere will See the Cross...and not their problems, that they will See the Cross...not their pain, that they will See the Cross for what it offers, the gift of eternal life and the freedom to live a new life in Jesus Christ!