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Heavenites "Tyler and the Circus Lie" book

: $7.99
**NEW**  Tyler discovers the importance of telling the Truth when a Lie he tells grows into a "Big Top" story. Teach your child a valuable lesson on Honesty, as they learn a life lesson with Tyler.  This book is beautifully illustrated and designed to catch the eye of even the youngest readers.  Your child will soon be learning, and learning to love the Heavenites.

Christian Children's Author - Website Review:  "Does your little one struggle with telling the truth?   Are you looking for a biblical way to help your child understand the consequences of telling a lie? If so, Tyler and the Circus Lie: A Story of Truth is the perfect book for you.

As you probably discovered by now, I love discovering great christian books that are also able to teach a lesson.  That is one of the many reasons why I love Tyler and the Circus Lie.  In Tyler and the Circus Lie, the main character discovers the importance of telling the truth when a “little lie” he tells grows into a “Big Top” story.  Like most lies with children, Tyler’s lie starts because he did not stop and think.  As the lie grows and grows, Tyler begins to pray about what to do (love anything the models praying to children).  Like most children, he considers other lies he could tell to make the situation better.  There is a moment of suspense where the reader is wondering what Tyler will do. While I don’t want to give away the ending, I will tell you it was very realistic.

The illustrations in Tyler and the Circus Lie are bright and colorful.  I love the fact that the illustrations depict children from multiple ethnic backgrounds.  Not only can you use Tyler and the Circus Lie to teach your child the importance of telling the truth, you can also use this book to discuss making hard decisions and forgiveness."